Memory Lane: The Best of The Land Before Time

Why was I thinking about The Land Before Time (henceforth, TLBT) today?
I don’t know.  But I thought I would rank them and provide an argument for each placement.  Now, if my rankings don’t perfectly align with yours you’re wrong please don’t yell at me and tell me that I’ve shit on your childhood or anything like that.

This ranking only lists installments I-VII (The Stone of Cold Fire) because, though I watched one or two or three after that, I generally stopped caring and stopped liking them.  Though The Big Freeze did teach me the word ‘ninny’, which is important.  But I only saw that movie twice, and the second time only because it was the only thing on when I was in the ER waiting room late at night. So you get the idea. Continue reading “Memory Lane: The Best of The Land Before Time”