New Year’s Resolutions

I’m too lazy to do a straight up transcription, so here’s a photo.


I don’t usually make resolutions because the bleak midwinter seems like a terrible time to stress out over lifestyle changes, but I was feeling a bit inspired to take a more holistic view of the process and this is what I came up with.

Do you have any resolutions?
If you could pick a month for the year to start,which would you choose?
I would go for April or May, when it starts warming up in this hemisphere. Or July, because my birthday really is what the year should revolve around.

Thoughts on a New Year

I’ve thought about doing a ‘Good Riddance, 2016’ post or a post about the new year, but New Year’s is so far from my favorite holiday, I had trouble getting up any enthusiasm at all for such a thing.

It’s cold and dark and bleak. The middle of winter is such a terrible time to celebrate new beginnings or make resolutions for the future. ¬†The last thing I want to worry about on a day like today when the sleet is coming down and I’m feeling under the weather is making a lifestyle change. ¬†Winter is time to sit around with cats and enjoy coziness, not time to stress about swearing less or exercising more.

That said, really worthwhile lifestyle changes should of course be implemented whenever you feel like you can- health, well-being, and self-love know no seasons. Continue reading “Thoughts on a New Year”