Who’s Your Daddy?


Happy Father’s Day to all of the dad, dads-to-be, grandfathers, role models, and other guardian-types of the masculine persuasion!
And a very much more specific bucket o’ love to my own cher papa.

There was a change of plans and we went to VO2, a vegan cafe attached to a yoga studio in Cambridge. I know, right?
But it was delicious (I got the North End (minus the olive tapenade)). Continue reading “Who’s Your Daddy?”

Wellness on a $0 Budget

I talk about wellness way too frequently.  It’s getting to be one of my favorite topics, along with the inexhaustible lists of books and movies.  Partly it’s me (what kind of millennial yoga-loving anorexia-surviving introspective vegan would I be if I didn’t?) and part of it is the current craze for wellness, mindfulness, and all of the associated paraphernalia (rose quartz lamps).

Interrupting this broadcast: I HEAR THUNDER THANK GOD FINALLY


I have ambivalent feeling about the current cultural boom being experienced by wellness.  On the positive side, it’s helped me find more people who share my interests and brought my niche interests to a much wider audience.  Yay! An opportunity for new friends with new shared interests!
Additionally, as society and the market adapts to appeal more to this current cultural climate, it also suits me better.  There are increased vegan dining options, more articles around that I find compelling…. more things are available that resonate with my lifestyle and mindset. Continue reading “Wellness on a $0 Budget”

Clothes I Wear All the Time

I’ve been thinking of doing a post like this for a little while- essentially, clothes that I’ve worn to smithereens. It came about as part of trying to streamline my closet, giving up the things I hardly wore and didn’t need so I could get dressed more easily and focus more on the positivity of the things I had and really valued.  And the pieces I’ve worn for years and am extremely grateful for. So here’s a more spring/summer-y selection of clothes I’ve had for years and can’t imagine being without. Continue reading “Clothes I Wear All the Time”

Everything I Know About Being Resilient I Learned from Shoes


Okay, so that title is clickbait, but I must say that I am continually impressed by the durability of a pair of good shoes.  If you were recently in college, you may know of the wardrobe staple that is fondly referred to as the ‘frat shoe’, i.e., the shoe attractive enough for going out but humble enough for crowds, overwhelming heat, and contact with foreign substances (hopefully only alcohol).

Compared to some of the things my shoes have been through, the canonical frat shoe might as well be taking a walk in the park (I’m really trying to avoid the footwear puns but it’s so damn hard).
Here’s a quick list of the worst things to which my shoes have been subjected. Continue reading “Everything I Know About Being Resilient I Learned from Shoes”

Daily Practices (That I Do and Don’t Practice)

Annually, this is the time of year that I find myself making resolutions.  Despite being completely not on board with New Year’s lifestyle changes, there’s something about late spring/early summer that makes setting personal goals a lot more natural.

Looking to the future just happens a lot more organically when the weather is beautiful and the anxiety of university has dissipated.

So in the spirit of a lifestyle adjustment, I’ve been thinking about this idea of daily practices.
Specifically, practices I wish I had, practices I’m glad I do have, and practices that I would like to let go. Continue reading “Daily Practices (That I Do and Don’t Practice)”

Irrational Fears

Do you know that feeling, when you’ve been getting enough sleep but nevertheless you feel so exhausted? I have it right now, and I think I’m going to blame it on the series of teeth nightmares my brain has been treating me to for the past week (ish).  It’s hard to feel well-rested when you wake up everyday simultaneously pleased and surprised to find that your two front teeth aren’t sticking out at opposing angles.

I did a little spurious googling about the meaning behind teeth nightmares, because from what I’ve heard they’re pretty universal (I mean, my parents and some of my friends have had them- that’s universal, right?), and came up with stress and/or vanity.  Pretty as I think I am, I think I’m inclined to blame stress given the deadly combination of music history midterm/Dad’s amputation/senior spring/graduation/what am I doing?/what is to become of me? anxiety.

But these teeth nightmares have gotten me thinking about other irrational fears.  Not senior year fears because those are fairly rational, what with big life changes upcoming.
Do you have any irrational fears? I think everyone does. Are any of yours the same as mine? Continue reading “Irrational Fears”

Regretted Classes and Fate

I’ve been thinking a lot about going with the flow recently.  One of my downfalls is that I have a tendency to become too obsessed with what I envision, which can make me inflexible and anxious when things don’t go as planned.  This applies to major life changes, like college admissions, and very trivial things, like planning a sandwich day and then discovering the dining hall has absolutely no bread.

A lot of different things have been said about accepting fate.  Go with the flow. Leave it to God.  And also admitting that sometimes it’s just not a sandwich day, and that that’s fine.

I’ve also seen one of those pseudo-inspirational quotes (if you love it I apologize in advance) saying “Only dead fish go with the flow.”  I have a few problems with this- the fist being that it’s patently false.  Fish frequently go with the flow.  That’s what makes it so remarkable when salmon swim upriver to spawn.  The second is that I think the quote’s moral is very ill-advised.  “Fight fate or you might as well be dead.”  “Make your life one of never-ending struggle and pain just because.”
There’s nothing inherently wrong with ‘the easy way’, and what’s more, life is rarely divided so simplistically into an easy way and hard way.  The ways are all just… different. Continue reading “Regretted Classes and Fate”