What Have I Been Putting On My Face?


Around April and May, I started switching out my skincare products for new ones that i wanted to try, after conducting a fair amount of research. This kind of research- checking reviews and ingredients and prices- is one of my favorite things to do and I can quite happily do it for hours… with skincare, cosmetics, perfume, clothes, books, films…. I just love it.

So around that time I started picking up the products I wanted to try, and these small purchases (general around $10) were an excellent way to reward myself after all of the stressful things going on. Finish a ballroom show? Buy yourself a moisturizer. Finish a final paper or exam? Good time for a new toner. Send in an application to your dream graduate program that you’re almost certainly not going to be accepted to? (OH MY GOD GUYS I WAS ACCEPTED)! Facial serums will lessen the appearance of any future stress lines. Continue reading “What Have I Been Putting On My Face?”


Friday Fun Links 4/28


A Friday off, it’s just like last semester! Except this time it’s because I’m essentially done with my classes (except for an optional Music History session on Monday (at which I will be) and a mini English conference on Wednesday).  It’s really just reading period and exams from here on out.
This is the first time I’m finishing up a year of classes with no guarantee of further classes ahead of me.  School has always been a kind of constant expectation, and it’s very weird to, for the first time, not necessarily expect it to continue.

In short, I can feel the encroaching existential dread.
But, with every new milestone (last ballroom show, last day of classes, etc.) I’ve been buying myself a little present, usually about $10 or under.  So now I have a new rosewater facial toner which is quite lovely, and a few mL of Tubereuse by Mona di Orio awaiting me at home.
And yes, I know that my rampant consumerism is just a distraction, a search for a false sense of security to stave off my anxiety about my future.  But hey, at least, when the breakdown comes, I will smell good and have glowing skin. 😛 Continue reading “Friday Fun Links 4/28”

Friday Fun Links 4/14

Please excuse my very temporary hiatus- it was caused by the need to spend my meagre writing talent on a certain research paper that I just finished (On the revenant Beloved as a bridge between the divided worlds caused by personal tragedy and the tragic legacy of slavery, ultimately serving to enable reconnection and eventual resolution).

So to ease myself back into the blogging life (and because it’s Friday!), here is your weekly collection of links to odd and exciting internet locations. Continue reading “Friday Fun Links 4/14”

Links for January


I’ve so many interesting and exciting links (the wide world of the internet, what can you do?)- I haven’t done a links post in a while.  I hope everyone’s week is off to a good start. Mine would be better if it weren’t so chilly- I’m sitting on my radiator in my dorm room as I type this.  Actually, I’m going to the library.

Well, that’s a bit better. Continue reading “Links for January”