Irrational Fears

Do you know that feeling, when you’ve been getting enough sleep but nevertheless you feel so exhausted? I have it right now, and I think I’m going to blame it on the series of teeth nightmares my brain has been treating me to for the past week (ish).  It’s hard to feel well-rested when you wake up everyday simultaneously pleased and surprised to find that your two front teeth aren’t sticking out at opposing angles.

I did a little spurious googling about the meaning behind teeth nightmares, because from what I’ve heard they’re pretty universal (I mean, my parents and some of my friends have had them- that’s universal, right?), and came up with stress and/or vanity.  Pretty as I think I am, I think I’m inclined to blame stress given the deadly combination of music history midterm/Dad’s amputation/senior spring/graduation/what am I doing?/what is to become of me? anxiety.

But these teeth nightmares have gotten me thinking about other irrational fears.  Not senior year fears because those are fairly rational, what with big life changes upcoming.
Do you have any irrational fears? I think everyone does. Are any of yours the same as mine? Continue reading “Irrational Fears”

The Links and the Fun 3

Tuesday Edition!
Also I just reached 20 followers (I’m such a cute little baby) and I figured because I missed a post (I had a ballroom competition- that I was running…) I would do a quick extra one today.  And there is nothing easier than a links post, so this thing was born. Continue reading “The Links and the Fun 3”