Anti-Virtue Names

Do you remember back in the day when almost everyone had a biblical or virtue name? me neither, I wasn’t alive during colonial times.  But I don’t know if it was the coming of Halloween or what- I’ve been thinking about what I would name my kids if I had my own little Addams-family style hive of demons. Which would be cute, no?

Now, please be aware, for those more literally-inclined, that I’m not planning on raising a hoard of demons- and if I did, I would give them much more kind names.  I imagine it’s hard enough being a young demon in this day and age without being saddled with a name like Sorrow.

And in terms of the color coding.  I’m dividing the names up a bit into what I imagine to be feminine, masculine, and unisex divisions.  Given that these aren’t legitimate names with a traditional gender and that the enforced sexual dichotomy of names is arbitrary and archaic, there’s nothing to stop you from naming your little boy Falsity. Though there are other reasons why I would not recommend it. Continue reading “Anti-Virtue Names”