What Have I Been Putting On My Face?


Around April and May, I started switching out my skincare products for new ones that i wanted to try, after conducting a fair amount of research. This kind of research- checking reviews and ingredients and prices- is one of my favorite things to do and I can quite happily do it for hours… with skincare, cosmetics, perfume, clothes, books, films…. I just love it.

So around that time I started picking up the products I wanted to try, and these small purchases (general around $10) were an excellent way to reward myself after all of the stressful things going on. Finish a ballroom show? Buy yourself a moisturizer. Finish a final paper or exam? Good time for a new toner. Send in an application to your dream graduate program that you’re almost certainly not going to be accepted to? (OH MY GOD GUYS I WAS ACCEPTED)! Facial serums will lessen the appearance of any future stress lines. Continue reading “What Have I Been Putting On My Face?”