Youtube Channels with a Focus on Film


One of my favorite groups of youtube content providers are the film nerds (because it’s hard to find people as enthusiastic about movies as I am- but these people are even more so).  And I’ve gotten attached to watching them after so long and it’s a great way to relax at the end of the day.  Because films are excellent but watching other people’s passion and sharing their interests is even more so.

Hope you find some channels to follow!

Alicia Malone: Alicia is one of the few well-known women who talk about films on youtube and I definitely recommend following her.  Her specialty is indie movies, with foreign films coming up a close second. She’s charming and intelligent and I love her behind the scenes looks at the film festivals, and her heads up regarding the top films to watch out for.
And her Oscar predictions were pretty great, in case you’re looking to win your office pool.

Chris Stuckmann: Stuckmann is excellent and funny and one of the best reviewers and he also has a great book.  He’s also well known for expressing that almost every movie is a ‘movie he grew up with’, to the extent that it has become a bit of a meme. His longer analysis reviews are also excellent (and his wife sometimes makes guest appearance and she seems lovely).

ColliderVideos: Collider is maybe my favorite, mostly because it combines pretty much everything else on this list.  It’s a great place to go for movie news, trailer reviews, discussions of movie questions and other movie talk, and also my absolute favorite- the Movie Trivia Schmoedown.
Let me explain- there are multiple leagues (Individual, Team, and Innergeekdom) and competitors answer movie trivia questions in order to improve their standing.  And then the ultimate winners get wrestling-type belts.  It’s ridiculous but also deadly serious.
Movie reviewers from other channels (like Stuckmann, Jahns, and Screen Junkies) come to compete. And Kristian Harloff from schmoesknow runs it.
Is now the right time to come clean re: my celebrity crush on Dan Murrell? Probably not.

Double Toasted:  I feel guilty that this review is going to be so cursory- but I only found this channel after they appeared on the Schmoedown a few days ago and they haven’t posted any videos since then. But their channel does reviews.  On Schmoedown I was impressed by their movie knowledge (they won their match) but even more so by all the fun they seemed to be having.

Jeremy Jahns: Trust Jeremy Jahns to tell you if a movie will be a better time with alcohol. He also has a special Star Wars blanket for all of his Star Wars reviews. His energy is crazy. And it goes without saying- excellent reviews.

schmoesknow: Movie trailers, reviews, behind the scenes and bloopers, and general movie talk and news. Mark Ellis and Kristian Harloff are excellent to watch together and they better not just be pretending to be friends because that would be heartbreaking.

Screen Junkies & ScreenJunkies News: Screen Junkies for Movie Fights and Honest Trailers! And also Hal watching 50 Shades of Grey with his mum? Maybe no.

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