Bowie Ballads

Heyyyy everyone! Guess what?
That’s right, I’m back at Yale.  For my senior year. Ah, the inexorable passage of time.

But more exciting- I ordered myself a David Bowie shirt. Finally. It’s been a long time coming.  A really long time coming, given that I’ve been a Bowie fan and singing along to Starman since some time in elementary.

So a quick catalogue of my favorite Bowie songs- and how I was introduced to them and why I love them. I know, it’s a quick and easy (quick and dirty) list, but given that I moved today, hauled some heavy stuff around, and am in a very hot room (my bedroom) at 11 pm in a leotard to try to stay cool…
Well, I could only muster enthusiasm for David Bowie at a moment such as this. (Though I’m currently listening to Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac 😉 ).

Started from the bottom (my early Bowie years):

  • Starman, as mentioned earlier: My early Bowie loves- probably just the songs my dad liked best. Notice the astro- influence. He’s a space geek.  Starman is great. When I was little I thought ‘cat’ referred to actual felines. Aww, I was so cute.  Anyway, it’s like god, but aliens. Which is infinitely cooler.
  • Space Oddity: The chill vibe of this song is a really interesting counterpoint to the tragedy of the song. Basically an astronaut losing contact with earth. So beautiful.
  • Ziggy Stardust: I recently re-fell in love with this song. And it’s so good. I don’t know why I spent years not listening to these.  Spiders from Mars is an excellent band name.

Now we’re here (recent loves):

  • Lady Grinning Soul: The most pathetic thing is that I ‘discovered’ this song watching The Runaways- with Kristin Stewart and Dakota Fanning.  I still think Dakota Fanning’s performance of this was kind of badass.
  • Cat People: This and Ziggy Stardust are my favorites at the moment. I ran into this one watching Inglorious Basterds this summer- oddly the only Tarantino movie I’ve been able to handle (and love).  My ballroom partner and I are planning on performing a tango to this song early next year.  We discussed setting the theater on fire as a possible finale.  It’s an excellent song for pyromaniacs, which I’m not not, if you catch my meaning.
  • Lazarus: Old David Bowie touching my soul and squeezing my heart.  Rather eerie in light of his death.


Special shout out to all of the songs in Labyrinth! I loved that movie much more than I should have.  Especially this sequence, which had me laughing out loud. Which never happens.  And he had a great way with that baby 😉
Continuing to miss David Bowie.

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