Happy Birthday, List Mimsy!

List Mimsy turns one today- or one and a day, because I’m really not sure if you start counting from the day the website is created or the day of the first post.  But maybe the website creating day is more like conception and the first post is a blog’s actual birth? Which would make today the birthday, in that really weird analogy.

I’m not sure why I named it List Mimsy. Or what Mimsy even means.  I think I was thinking of Whimsy but didn’t like List Whimsy (because it sounds terrible (sorry to whoever has a blog named List Whimsy)) and Mimsy popped into my head and seemed fine.  And since remembering that it was probably inspired by Lewis Carroll’s The Jabberwocky, I haven’t liked it any less.


This post is the 183rd post ever, which means that I’ve averaged about 1 post every two days and slightly over 15 posts a month.

There have been only four days when I posted more than once: January 9, January 14, February 27, and March 3, all within 2017.

The longest periods of not-posting, all in 2016:

  • 6/28-7/7, 10 days: I was in middle of nowhere, PA with family for the fourth of July. I’m not sure that I actually had internet.
  • 11/7-11/18, 12 days: Completely bulldozed by the election, like so many of us.
  • 11/22-11/29, 8 days: Sucked back into the pit of despair caused by American politics.
  • 12/5-12/15, 11 days: Probably some combination of residual election stress and the onset of finals period.

In 2016 I averaged less than 11 posts a month.
This year, thus far, I have posted an average of 20 times per month.  And this will be my 100th post of 2017, unless I made an error in my very haphazard addition.

I’m not going to get into a breakdown of views, because 1) that’s something I want to avoid paying much attention to and 2) I don’t want to run more percentages.
Still, if you’re interested, here’s a screenshot.

mimsy views

Also pleased to have slightly over 50 followers- because as I got close to that number I was rather hoping I would hit it by the blog’s one year anniversary. So success on that account.

Thanks to everyone who has enjoyed reading, I’ve discovered that I can indeed reliably keep a blog, and plan to continue doing so. 🙂

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