Some Shameless Self Promotion


At the moment, I’m sitting and typing in Principles of Biochemistry.  It’s okay though, I’m very familiar with Gibbs free energy.

And I want to familiarize any readers with something that I’m extremely excited and enthused about.  That’s right: it’s time for some shameless self promotion.

No, I haven’t written a book. Or a screenplay.  I haven’t even run a marathon.

But my first perfume was released today for preorder online in partnership with the 100% natural and sustainable startup, Saint d’Ici.

You can also find Saint d’Ici on Facebook.

I am one of currently four perfumers working with the brand.  Crowdfunding is going on now and shipment swill be made in time for delivery by Christmas.
My scent goes by the name Nomvikeli and I’m very fond of it- it’s a warm and spicy incense with African woods (ouhout) and a tint of ylang.  I think it could be worn by a man or a woman, and it’s currently for sale at $85, though once crowdfunding is over it will be marked at its regular price of $105.

There is lots of interesting information about the brand strategy and ethos on the website and I recommend reading about it- it’s very interesting and we’re working hard at being sustainable and locally sourced.  Part of this involves the scents being made in limited quantities, so as to celebrate the seasonal varieties of the essences that we use.

If you’re interested in supporting us, consider buying one of our unique fragrances or sample sets, and spread the word about this business venture to anyone who you imagine might be interested.

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