Halloween Movies

So yeah, I said I was on break and I would have more time to post and here I am back off break and posting again.  Life’s a funny old thing.

Anyway, Halloween movies! In some semblance of order- from more to less child-appropriate.  Also, this only includes movies that are actually and actively set on Halloween.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!
Just watched this baby this weekend. I love it so much, I could probably recite the entire thing.  While a lot of Halloween films are horror-themed, this one has absolutely no scare factor.  It’s just all Halloween festivity innocence and fun.

The Winnie the Pooh Halloween specials
I only watched these once or twice in my childhood, but I have a feeling my favorite was ‘Boo to You Too, Pooh’.  Other than the name I can’t remember anything about it. But I did like it! I do remember there being a bit of light spookiness and suspense, so that’s why I’m moving it a bit further down the list than Charlie Brown.  Still, appropriate for all ages.


The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Nightmare Before Christmas is so odd.  Brilliant, but odd.  I would say that it is solidly a Halloween movie (rather than a Christmas movie- and you definitely shouldn’t split the difference and make it your family Thanksgiving movie. That’s what American football is for).  The soundtrack is excellent.

Hocus Pocus
Kind of classic, kind of not awesome but awesome in the same way that Mean Girls is.  Too far down the classic road to really be treated objectively.  I like the black cat.  I like the two songs that are in it.  I think the witches are embarrassing. Witches should be badass.

I remember absolutely nothing about Halloweentown except that they had to collect sweat from one of the ghosts?

I think I watched this in my room before going out partying last year.  It’s definitely a classic, and well-deserved.  Anyone else feel like 80s scaries are kind of underrated?

Trick ‘R’ Treat
And I just watched this one over break.  It’s a very interesting vignette-y little film with more or less interlocking plot arcs.  Some being scarier than others.  All set in this one town on Halloween night.  The takeaway? If you don’t properly honor Halloween, the Halloween spirits will punish you.  And they’re not quite as forgiving as Scrooge’s ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, or even Future.

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