Answering Unasked Questions: Inside the Wardrobe


So British Vogue’s youtube channel has a series where they visit the wardrobe of various fashion people/tastemakers/personalities- and I love it so much.

These are all people who are pretty passionate about style, and hearing someone talk about something that they’re passionate about is always kind of wonderful- especially when you share that interest.

Irritatingly, British Vogue posts them VERY RARELY which makes me sad because I want to watch them all day, every day.
(My favorites thus far have been: Camilla Rowe, Yasmin Sewell, Josephine de la Baume, and Miranda Kerr.)

At the end of each installment they ask a series of preference questions, which I sometimes use to quiz Dad when I’m bored, and which I will now answer for you.

Style or Comfort?

Dress up of Dress down?
Dress up in that I don’t ever dress very casually- I don’t actually own a pair of sweat pants.

Heels or Flats?
Flats. I love walking and don’t like having to restrain myself from activities because of my footwear.

Early bird or Night Owl?
Early bird! Sleeping past 7 am is sleeping in for me. Without setting an alarm.

Dancing or Singing?
Dancing, of course.

Summer or Winter?
Summer. Because of the beach.

Denim or Leather?

Matching or Clashing?
Matching- all beautiful things go together.

Town or Country?
Mmmm. No, I don’t know. Town?

Eat in or Eat out?
Eat in. It’s less expensive, easier to be vegan, and I can exercise more control out of my eating experience like a true post-anorexic.

Shorts or Skirts?
Shorts. Short shorts.

Stars or Stripes?
Stripes. I have such a hard time not getting everything in stripes.

Biker or Bomber?
Biker, easily.

Mini or Long?
Midi, really- but I’ll pick mini over long. My choice might be different if it weren’t currently 81 degrees.

Punk or Rock&Roll?
Rock and roll 100%.

Sporty or Romantic?
Romantic. I’ve never been sporty.

Edie Sedgwick or Jane Birkin?
Jane Birkin- I owe my first perfume love to her and I love her style.

Eyes or Lips?
Eyes in theory, lips in practice.

Uptown or Downtown?

New York or Paris?
…Paris. šŸ™‚

David Bowie or Mick Jagger?
No, impossible.

How would you answer?


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